Friday, 28 December 2012

Will the machines rise up against a man?

British scientists at Cambridge University draw up a study on whether the advanced technology could lead to the destruction of human civilization. Center for the Study of existential risks (Csere) analyzed, the risk of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and climate change.

Scientists say it would be dangerous to dismiss without thought of fear potential robot uprising against mankind, the BBC reported. Fear of rebellion machine and taking control of human civilization is the main theme of many science fiction films, and the most famous system "Skynet", attacking humanity in the movie series "Terminator."

Although this is a topic in the domain of fantasy, scientists say that the concept of machines that are becoming smarter than people deserves more attention.

"It is difficult to assess the seriousness of these risks, but it is in itself a cause for concern, given what's at stake," wrote the scientists on the website dedicated to the project Csere.

This project is jointly funded by the Cambridge philosophy professor Hugh Price, professor of cosmology and astrophysics Martin Rees and co-founder of "Skype" Jan Tallinn.

"A reasonable estimate is that in the next century or intelligence to get out of the limiting framework of biology. What we are trying to do is to push the reputable scientific community," said Professor Price.

He added that with the advancement of computers and robots, people can find themselves in a situation where it will depend on the mercy "of machines that are not evil, but whose interests do not include us." The results of the study will be presented next year.

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