Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The biggest storm that is raging in the Solar System

Probe "Cassini", orbiting Saturn, recorded a Photo powerful storm that is raging in the northern half of the planet. In the pictures that were sent on the same day on Earth, see the tornado vortex that resembles a hurricane that Sandy has recently hit the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast.

The storm was located within a stable structure hexagonal shape on Saturn's north pole by the early eighties revealed spacecraft "Voyager." It is believed that this form a hexagonal architecture of high-speed air stream, the so-called jet streams.

Storms like this are common on many planets of the solar system, according to the astronomers, "this phenomenon is similar to the 'Cassini' recorded at the south pole of Saturn a few years ago."

Probe "Cassini" spacecraft is the first that is (1997.) Was launched into orbit this gaseous planet. Since July 2004, when he came to her, she moved more than 6.1 billion kilometers, astronomers because it came to some important conclusions about the Saturn system, including the presence of liquid hydrocarbon lakes on Titan, and water geysers on the moon Enceladus.

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