Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Discovered a new moon of Neptune

Discovered a new moon of Neptune
The space telescope "Hubble" discovered a new moon orbiting the planet Neptune, confirmed by the U.S. agency NASA.

The moon is named "S/2004 S 1" and now it is 14 known moon orbiting a massive planet. This is the smallest moon in the Neptune system. Diameter is only 20 kilometers, and a full circle around Neptune made ​​every 23 hours.

American astronomer Mark Šovolter noted the point, as he studied segments of Neptune's rings.

NASA says the moon is about 100 million times paler than the weakest the stars visible to the naked eye. The moon is so small that it spaceship "Voyager" was not detected when it passed close Barely in 1989. year and explored the planetary system.

Šovolter observed movement of bright spots over 150 images of Neptune that the "Hubble" made ​​since 2004. by 2009. year.

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