Monday, 15 July 2013

"Scientific facts" that are total nonsense

Pushing head in the sand like an ostrich. How many times in your life have you heard this saying? Unless someone did not explain what it is, it is not surprising if, even today think that this big bird indeed react to fear as the saying goes.

"Business insider" has collected quite a few myths that we take for granted as scientific facts. The reason for their occurrence is an exaggeration of someone's salary, fears, and in some cases even turning down some scientific theory.

Here's "scientific" myths that we believe in:

- Children do not become hyperactive from sugar. This is confirmed by the number of tests in which the children were given drinks with or without sugar.
- Ostriches do not stick their head in the sand at all. When in danger, waving wings or play dead.
- You will hardly find out anything if you blow your nose and look at the color of the mucus on the tissue. - Appearance discharge varies from clear and fluid lines, the yellow-green with an array of various diseases. So the diagnosis on the basis that you can not determine.
- Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death. What actually happens is equally interesting - the skin is reduced.

- Lightning never strikes the same place. Oh yes, lightning strikes the same place twice or more.
- A coin thrown from the top of the Empire State Building will not kill the man walking on the sidewalk below. Penny in this case can reach the speed of 80 kilometers per hour, which is not fast enough to get you killed.

- Being blind as a bat does not mean being blind. All bats are can see, although many of them use echolocation to navigate. It works like sonar.
- Cracking knuckles will not get arthritis. This bone disease may be caused by other factors such as age, injury, obesity and genetics.
- It is not true that people are born with a finite number of brain cells - they are produce in process of neurogenesis in several brain regions in adulthood.
- Memory of a goldfish is actually totally OK. They can remember for months, not just a few seconds as most people think.
- Dogs and cats can see not just black and white, but they see blue and green.

- Most educated people in the early Middle Ages knew that the earth was round and not flat.
- There is no photographic memory, there is only people who remember well. No one can remember so much visual information as a camera.
- Microwave does not cause cancer. Only some types of radiation causing it. Solar radiation can cause melanoma.
- Your hair will be thicker by shaving. It's a visual impression, because after shaving hair is cut straight and not tapering towards the top like after plucking. Therefore sharper.
- Stomach does not need seven years to digest gum. Stomach does not digest, but gum need a few hours to a normal body ejected through the digestive tract.

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