Friday, 19 July 2013

The deepest note ever detected by mankind is in another galaxy!

The deepest note mankind has ever detected is a B♭. That is 57 octaves below middle C! Can you imagine a piano with that many octaves? The sound is made by inflating plasma bubbles in the center of the Perseus Cluster.
The Perseus Cluster or Abell 426, like it's name says, it’s a cluster of galaxies in the constellation Perseus. It is considered one of the most massive objects in the whole universe!

Dr. Andrew Fabian discovered a huge black hole in this galaxy and despite the fact that this galaxy is 250 million light years from the earth, it emits Cosmic B flat sounds which appears as pressure waves rolling and spreading as a result of outbursts from this black hole!

It seems like if music was to be created at Perseus Cluster, a whole kind of new music genres could be created.

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