Monday, 18 April 2011

Artificial uterus

The Japanese managed to create an artificial uterus from acrylic, and the Americans into practice the idea of ​​creating an artificial uterus from human cells. Implementation of this project to people is expected over the next five years.

World in due time may not walk pregnant men, although scientists are trying to implement in practice what is Arnold Schwarzenegger, an upset stomach "to the teeth," demonstrated in the movie "Junior", but the baby, according to how far advanced research, for the most five years will be able to grow - in artificial wombs.
In three of the world's center is currently working on three ideas about creating an artificial womb, and women who have no uterus, giving hope to be able to become mothers.

- Scientists at the University "May Tent" in Japan, the longest work on this project, they managed to create an artificial womb incubator of 40 to 25 inches, with synthetic amniotic fluid (artificial fetus with water) and a system that provides sufficient oxygen and nutrients for life fruit - explains Dr. Slobodan Radulovic, an obstetrician gynecologist. - In utero incubator, made of special plastic, acrylic, physics and chemistry is absolutely neutral, raised by several offspring animals, mostly goats. In such an environment, the offspring were increased more than 10 days, and scientists hope that by the end manage to make an artificial womb.
Researchers' Kirnel "universities in America different technique - culturing lining of the uterus outside the body, women were given several layers of mucous membrane of sufficient width to create an artificial womb. Their idea is to create an artificial uterus from human cells and embedded in a woman's body. The most significant project is implemented in the "Temple" University in the USA, where he went the furthest in the creation of artificial amniotic fluid, in which the fruit can not live without harmful effects, which is a project about the artificial uterus important.

- The highest use of an artificial womb, when the project comes to life the people, will have in premature babies who are too young for the incubator - says Radu. - A baby who is born after 24 weeks of pregnancy has become routine to modern medicine can preserve life, but a problem if the baby is born before. Artificial womb would be held in the life of a baby born at 15 weeks. It would be up to 24 weeks of growing in an artificial womb, and then in the incubator. Women due to primary diseases, such as women on dialysis, unable to carry the child, with the artificial womb may be born child.

If the practice achieve Japanese design artificial uterus in the foreseeable future will be found among "classic" incubators in hospitals, and comes to life when the idea of ​​U.S. researchers implant women are routinely, as is now transplanted kidneys or hearts.

- It is assumed that this will revitalize itself in people over the next five years - says Radu. - Artificial uterus is a logical continuation of the development of medicine in this Moraga. It will cause resistance to the public, as was resistance against the first test-tube babies. 20 years ago, a tremendous roar of opposition caused the project test-tube baby, and so far in the world in this way was born more than a million children.


  1. I am amazed. Reading from historical mythology, I find that the ovaries combined with the Fallopian tubes are rendered into the worship of the bull with the horns. Nothing is new under the sun.

  2. If this is not a fake article it sets up the premise of mass cloning of domestic animals and anything else. I suspect that humans gestated in one of these might suffer from poor balance and coordination due to the fact of not experiencing movement and effects of gravity as a naturally gestated human baby wold.

  3. It is unbelievable,I have never heard about artificial uterus, will they be able to bring pregnancy to the end? It means that in future even a man will be able to give life.

  4. Great! I can't wait. No more courting, impressing with wealth, biceps, no more divorces, etc. This would set a platform for a New Age.