Friday, 29 April 2011

New Galaxy’s

The space agency NASA said on its website photos unprecedented galaxies, asteroids and stars, recently recorded by telescopes WISE (Wide-field-Infrared Survey Explorer).

Thus, the infrared telescope, worth $ 350 million, managed to record 2.7 million pictures of the universe. Among them was found 33,000 never seen asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter. New footage found another twenty comets. NASA began the project by 14 December 2009 and now is unique in that it can scan the cosmos.

In response to the heat of heavenly bodies, the device can collect pictures and data about distant comets and asteroids that current telescopes were inattentive. Among the most famous discoveries is the giant Andromeda galaxy. This bluish oval is located two and a half million light years from us.

Approximately 57 percent of records, NASA has announced on the Internet, and finally research should be completed next spring.

But the advantages of this telescope were completed six months ago. For heat-sensitive devices in the function held a special liquid, which was missing last October, and since February this year the telescope is into "hibernation".

On NASA website you can see more images:

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