Friday, 8 April 2011

'Desert electricity' for Europe to stabilize the turbulent Africa

Sun in northern Africa should produce electricity for Europe, the idea of ​​a German project "Dezertek (Desertec) whose initiators claim that the realization among others the chance to be a region that is located in the turbulent political times stabilize.

"Dezertek Initiative" is an ambitious project that may be a significant assistance program for local residents and also a source of clean energy for Europe. However, political turmoil in the region are cause for many questions about the feasibility of the project, reports Deutsche Welle.

Is the "desert power" has become history and before they came first kilowatts to the north? To realize the project should be in the next forty years to invest 400 billion euros. Why would such sums invested in the politically unstable region?

Paul van Zon, chairman of "Dezertek Initiative", the political changes not only sees the danger, but also a chance.

"Right now," he said, "requires investments that will, through the cooperation of Europe and Africa stabilize the situation. Out of that will benefit the economy. "Goal of this initiative is to the north of Africa and the Middle East build a large solar and wind power. 2050. would thus able to cover the needs of local residents and 15 percent of Europe's electricity needs. "Dezertek" hopes and political support, primarily Germany.

The initiative involved a large German corporations such as Siemens, "E. ON", "RWE" Deutsche Bank "and" Shot ". The government in Berlin from the beginning has shown interest in the project. In the meantime withdrawn the first concrete move. The Kingdom of Morocco has its own projects and has already launched a tender to build solar power stations in the city Ouzazardu.

One of the great challenges is to transfer power from Africa to Europe. Currently there is only one cable linking Morocco and Spain. The plan is, however, setting up another, between Tunisia and Italy. In "Dezerteku" suggest that this should not be a technical problem. Indicate that in China already uses technology that makes it possible to transport electricity up to 5000 kilometers.

"The initiative Dezertek" account that will collect the necessary funds from various government programs, but also from private sources. Specific plan is not yet available so it is not clear which percentage is calculated based on the investment of private investors. Planners count on European funds to support the construction of renewable energy.

Still, it could happen to make an account without landlord. German minister rejects Briderle possibility that the current that arrives from Africa to subsidize the same way as the electricity that is produced in Germany.

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