Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Never bigger the ozone hole over the Earth

Hole in the ozone layer has reached a record size of the Arctic because of the influence of harmful chemicals and cold winters, the information is published by the World Meteorological Organization, reports AP.

Earth's ozone layer over the Arctic has suffered a loss of 40 percent since the beginning of winter until the end of March, more than last year's loss of 30 percent, the results released by the World Meteorological Organization.

Organizations located in Geneva for the loss of ozone has blamed the harmful chemicals and very low temperatures in the stratosphere.

Due to variable time and temperature in some arctic winter is not nearly to the no ozone loss, and sometimes cold temperatures in the stratosphere related to ozone in huge losses, according to the UN's experts.

This year's winter in the Arctic was warmer than average, while temperatures in the stratosphere were lower than normal. Experts say that ozone losses were not totally unexpected, and was calculated by looking at the ground and from balloons and satellites over the Arctic.

Under the Montreal Protocol to gradually reduce emissions of harmful substances used in refrigerators and aerosol and the VMO hopes to be the 2030th and 2040th The ozone layer outside the polar regions rebuild and get on the same level as before the 1980th year.

For the Antarctic the predictions range from the 2045th and 2060th year, while it is expected that the ozone over the Arctic back to normal for ten to 20 years later.

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