Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hard choice between the Moon and Jupiter

Roskosmos and European cosmic agency and the possibilities of strategic partnerships in the study of the solar system. Is considered as a variant of a common mission to Jupiter, probably with a landing on its satellite Europa. The other option is to win a robotic Moon base editing. The choice side will be known in late November, when the present plan of the program.
Both options have positive and negative sides. Moon has been actively studied for several decades. Mission to the Moon is cheaper.
About Jupiter and the surrounding area is much less known. From Earth it is not well seen, however, it will let the last 6 years.
The first detailed images of Jupiter obtained by the 1970th The apparatus of the American pioneer. A much larger contribution to knowledge on this planet has given NASA's Galileo station, which was launched into orbit and worked there during the 8 years. Then, the station received orders to fly directly to Jupiter, and is burned in its atmosphere. This was the 2003rd year. Scientists feared that Galileo will sooner or later fall to Europe - the second large distances from Jupiter Satellite, in its scope similar to the Moon and terrestrial bacteria will multiply uncontrollably there.
Why are scientists worried about Europe? The whole surface of the satellite covers the ice, under which there may be a water layer of the ocean - the appropriate environment for primitive life. Today was a lot of data collected on this satellite, the interest towards him increases, - said the deputy director of the Institute of cosmic research Oleg Korabljov RAN.
The global ocean, if any, direct contact with the mineral shell satellites, creating a kind of broth. That there would be a chance for the development of living forms, are the various elements needed - water must be clean. At this stage of research does not suggest a risk moving the camera in Europe. Land on the surface of the radio signal broadcast from there would be a great achievement.
According to the scientists, the device for landing, which could be launched by satellite to Europe, will be strictly sterilized. Surface ice is probably not suitable for finding life - similar to a sterile surface of Antarctica. It is hardly possible to drill icebergs to research broth if it contains bacteria. At slimmest point Deblin ice may make a few hundred meters. As for landing, it is not a problem - in Russia is an established technology of such devices, - says Oleg Korabljov.
Is it necessary that the device will soon be clear, be clear and the range of his scientific duties, in case if Russia and the Europeans choose to Jupiter mission.

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