Saturday, 12 November 2011

Google gives millions for research on the internet

Google will fund extensive research on the relationship between society and the Internet. Costs were 4.5 million, and research is conducted at the Berlin University. The questions are - how the Internet shapes the real and social space?

Many Germans are not willing to make their photos dawned on the Internet - for example, in Google's Street vjuu showing the streets of cities around the world. Due to these facts the American giant had a problem to provide this service in Germany. So far funded a major study in which we need to show the many layers of people over the internet.

"We want to understand how the Internet is changing our world, and in Berlin we can to investigate multi-disciplinary," said Ingolf Pernis, one of the founders of the Internet Institute at the University of Berlin.

The questions to be answered are yet to be formulated in detail, but it is clear that it will treat its influence on the formation of public sphere, political mobilization and copyright protection. That is why the team of researchers renowned political scientists, sociologists and lawyers.

The university claims that Google has not exercised any pressure and will be independent research. Experts estimate that the company has invested millions in this study partly in order to obtain positive headlines in the newspapers a few days. After all, Google has earned in the last quarter almost $ 3 billion, and an investment of several million of them and not great.

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