Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The wars for women and because women

Mankind is faced with a "concern masculinization", with a growing surplus of men. What is correct: the war for women or war because women?

Both, because they are less and less. For a few years men will be in some Asian countries engage in wars for acquiring life companion.

Who (above) wins, it girl!

Are we to puzzle and seductive history once again draws attention to its unsolved repetition?

In India, the biggest deficiency: 160 million souls of women! Will the second most populous nation on the planet go into
conquest other countries and bringing the men chosen for their subjects?

When he refused, served the cunning: they were invited to the annual feast in honor of the god Neptune, and the signal by the Romans seized the girls entrants.

The plague of abortion
Kristof Gijmoto who follows developments in relation to population has recently been re-warned of the threat "worrying masculinization" of countries like India and China, especially due to the interference of parents and relatives in the future sex of the newborn. How? As soon learn that to be born a girl, resort to abortion.
Some demographers believe that the lack of adult women in the next five decades as a cause pervasive effects of which I have the climatic fluctuations. Existing data are frightening.
Nature has established a kind of "sexual seesaw", where men predominate slightly: for every 100 female births are born every year 104-106 men. Any noticeable departure from such a balance can only be interpreted as unnatural causes.
In China, the most outstanding discrepancy: 120 men versus 100 women, and in some areas is the first for ten more. The same phenomenon is rapidly spreading to other parts of the world, such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia - 115 in 100 In Vietnam, the somewhat milder - 112 to 100
The new scourge of humanity in 1990. said the Indian Nobel Laureate for Economics Amartya Sen in today's famous book, "More than 100 million women are missing." In the meantime, the backlog has increased to 160 million in India. So much, in fact, the unborn souls of women excluded from life. Why?
Prevailing three factors: a love of a centuries old sons, the decline of fertility and, perhaps most important, involvement in sex selection due to modern technology and tools. In India alone, according to the respected scientific journal "The Lancet", aborted every year around half a million female embryos!
Living with multiple husbands
Even if in the coming ten years the ratio of the sexes back into a natural routine, the men would be faced with a shortage of women for marriage. Only later will not go before the registrar, but shall increase the brotherhood bachelors.
Some foresee a growth in the number of women with multiple husbands (polyandry) and tourist trips to satisfy sexual instincts, the other much darker indicate prediction that communities with excess males stir up some kind of sexual wars. Which will come to pass?
Particularly alarming is the warning sounded two political scientists, Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Bera, who wrote several years ago that Asian countries with excess male heads threaten the West. In concluding writes that such societies can only be managed in an authoritarian manner, suppressing the violence inside and transferring it outside its borders.
Mara Hvistendal in "unnatural selection" represents a different view, pointing out that the previously unfounded. India is, in fact, put a deep democratic roots, despite the gender imbalance. In any case, she says, a society in which men outnumbered are not "pleasant place to live." They are often volatile, sometimes violent.
Although the deliberate abortion banned in China and India, is incredibly difficult to enforce.
There is no "silver bullet", says Christoph Gijmoto, who believes that the most urgent make sure that the appearance of properly presented, especially in developing countries.
If sex selection of the future be identified with cancer, prejudices about women's cigarettes, and ultrasound and abortion of matches. Nowadays, however, must not neglect the women's rights, including the free will of each individual to end an unwanted pregnancy.
Can nature (evolution) to offer itself out?

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