Sunday, 13 November 2011

The most beautiful footage of the Earth from outer space!

The crew of the International Space Station has enabled the "Earthlings" to enjoy the sights of their planet in a way that has not been seen.

This is how our planet looks from the height of 460.2 kilometers.
Beautiful shots of the International Space Station

The video, made with the International Space Station, published by the U.S. Agency for Space Studies (NASA).

Made him the 29th crew mission as they traveled around the planet at a speed of 27,300 kilometers per hour.

Pay attention to the few passing storms. They can be recognized by the lightning that just boosted the effectiveness of this amazing footage.

From Alaska, the phenomenon of aurora borealis illuminated (North Aurora), via Cuba, the Atlantic, around the camera has captured the holy city in Britain, a Pakistani city of Lahore, India's capital New Delhi, the Caspian basin space and much more.

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