Friday, 13 April 2012

Computer viruses will be able to infect humans?!

The boundary between biology and technology are blurring. Computer viruses we know today could evolve over time and threaten us! It sounds like science fiction, but computer viruses can rapidly become a real biological weapons, they are convinced the firm Fortinet.

Already there are scientific papers that draw parallels between the ways in which computers and the human body fight viruses and disease comparison with a series of formulas and coding, writes InfoWorld.

Both viruses follow the same patterns of behavior, including encoding information for the parasitic behavior of the host system. Biological viruses, such as computer, can be changed during replication, which is a nightmare for both doctors and safety experts. Biological differ in that they are able to change the content of information they carry, while a computer only change form.

Some have even compared the DDoS attacks with HIV, since in both cases the goal overwhelm the target.

Living and nonliving world

Research director of security threats in Fortinet Guillame Lovett says that we are on the border between inanimate and living world. Exploring ways in which our organisms fight against intruders - and do so much better than anti-virus computer systems - helps you discover new ways to improve anti-virus attacking computers.

Computer viruses are much larger and more technologically advanced, as biological viruses can not, for example, to use encryption. Fortunately for us - it is not so difficult to be freed.

How could it get to the fusion of biological and computer viruses? Most human viruses are nothing more than DNA or RNA code, which computer viruses can imitate. Boundaries but is slowly disappearing, with the development of all advanced prostheses and devices that assist the bodies, such as pacemakers.

As soon as these devices start to communicate with machines outside the human body, which in some cases necessary, theoretically at risk of infection by computer viruses.

Synthetic virus there since 2002. year. In the meantime, synthesized by bacteria and other organisms, and all of the inserted sintetik DNA  on computers. Therefore, it is also potentially vulnerable, as well as software used for sequencing the DNA of living organisms.

Is it possible to create synthetic viruses that take advantage of the weakness of the host? Time will tell. Comforting is that researchers believe it is unlikely that such technology will be developed for military purposes. Specifically, such a virus could easily infect the military and civilian person who uses it. Bioterrorist is another story ....



  1. As said in the blog it is true that developing technology is threat to us in the future.But developing technology is also an advantageous part of human life but for that advantage we should never risk our future.

  2. This is really interesting news, so far not read anything like this. This is unique article.

  3. Certainly not! It's hard to believe this and unfortunately disagree with you ... even though you have just expressed his own opinion