Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Scientists designed skyscrapers for "cloud whitening"

Renowned British engineer proposed the construction of towers for the special "whitening clouds" in the Faroe Islands, as a technical solution to global warming and melting ice in the Arctic, which pose a threat to the planet, written by the world media.

Scientists have warned that Britain's environment ministry is possible release of large amounts of methane in the air, which is fueled by melting ice in the Arctic, reports the Index. It is, according to scientists, the great threat to life on earth, and warn that it is possible that for some years led to the North Pole completely dissolved in September.

This is why an engineer Stephen Salter invented a way to "cool" the planet and save the life on it. The Faroe Islands is planning to build a tower that would be "sucked" sea water, and again returned to the atmosphere, thus cooling.

The area covered by ice in the Arctic each summer is less, since the temperature of air and sea in the last few years have increased dramatically. The growth temperature has led to the release of large quantities of methane into the air. If the Arctic ice disappears, the amount of methane in the atmosphere, and on the mainland, will drastically increase and lead to an even greater increase in temperature of the earth. The first step in preventing a disaster just building towers in the Faroe Islands, the scientists explain.

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  1. This tower is such a brilliant idea because of its scientific functions. The structural engineers of this building did an awesome and job.