Thursday, 19 April 2012

Smartphone that can be rolled into a roll

Flexible smart phones are probably the future of design, and promise to become a complete hit and what's more - the standard in the time ahead of us.

With the expansion of smartphones that are its dimensions and appearance are very similar, a little surprised today when the design of new models on the market. But German designer Max Borhof hopes that this will soon change. His idea was to restore the appearance of so-called "shells" in the design of today's smart phones.

Borhof concept a bit like the Nokia 7600 model, and it is a flip phone which, when stretched, it becomes well-proportioned touchscreen. Borhof managed to develop a special kind of folding screen that allows you to bend in a circle, thus eliminating any possibility of scratches.

"Savijaju─çeg" mobile phones will be able to fit in any pocket no market, but according to some reports, the prime minister should certainly be in the next two years, which is already pleased many fans.

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