Monday, 9 April 2012

The planet is under pressure!

2012th is the year "Rio +20". Mnogie hope that the UN Summit in Brazil to come to the turning point in international efforts to ensure trajnos and even distribution of resources at the disposal of our planet.

"Rio +20" is a formulation that is aimed at the Earth Summit in 1992. years, also held in Rio. At this summit emerged Agenda 21 development guidelines and the UN Convention on climate and biodiversity.

Another conference? In the months before the "Rio +20" will not miss the conference, conferences and events about common topics such as sustainable development, climate change, energy, water or food. So it is in London, where of 26 to 29 meeting held in March of 3000 experts called "Planet under pressure."

One has to wonder whether the end will all be tired from all of the conferencing and will eventually block the effect of that discussion and proposals on solving the problem. Steffen Bauer with the German Institute for Development Policy DIE says "Planet Under Pressure" is not political, but scientific conference, "In addition, there will be many Nobel Prize winners. This gives hope that politicians will be responding to the recommendations of the conference."

"No fatigue and saturation due to the many conferences," said Marks and Stafford Smith of the Australian science organization CSIRO. He is one of the two chairmen of the conference, "Planet Under Pressure": "Even when the Conference" Rio +20 "would not be complete some concrete results, it will be" an ideal forum for a political approach to the problems of sustainable development. "Months before he sees Rio an ideal time for another great conference, because, he says, it is constantly and actively offering solutions.

Challenges and solutions indications

Not surprisingly, the conference motto: "Knowledge Solutions". The event, organized by the Royal Society and several other organizations, has ambitious goals to tackle the global changes. "We want to summarize the scientific progress of the last ten years and then make a plan for the next ten years when it comes to global changes," says Stafford Smith. Climate change is one of the major challenges faced by a seven billion people on our planet. There are other challenges, such as over-exploitation of natural resources, environmental pollution, and especially the sea. This is nothing new, says Steffen Bauer, who will also attend the conference. But, he adds, scientific exchange is important because so formulate options for action that can be submitted to the holders of political decisions.

It is important to study the relationship between the occurrence glbalne. If we look at problems in isolation, this often leads to these problems - in other areas. "It is a mistake that we often made ​​in the last 20 years," says Stafford Smith. For example, increased cultivation of plants from which to get natural fuels, has led to a reduction in surface area for cultivating the life of foods. Different sectors must be considered as part of a whole and to the central idea of ​​the London conference. "I hope that this conference different from others just by the integral approach to problems, we want to incorporate in the Rio process," says Stafford Smith.

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