Monday, 3 October 2011

Discovered a plant that buries its own seed

In the Atlantic rain forest in the Brazilian state of Bahia, in northeast of the country, found a new plant-specific in that it "bends" to bury their seeds.

As reported by the BBC, this new species, named spigelia genuflexa, after the formation of the fruit tends toward the ground, laying the seeds with the shells on the ground, sometimes burying them in a soft blanket of moss.

Spiegel, in which he first pointed his friend described Alex Popovkin, an amateur botanist who cataloger and photographed more than 800 species that grow on his property in Bahia.

Lena Struve botanist with Rutgers University in New Jersey says the plant has developed his unusual abilities for a number of reasons.

"Since the short-lived and that he is able only to a limited area, the plant survives only if it passes close to the seed itself. Since the case of a seasonal plant, a young man does not pose a threat since it will not have to compete for space with them," explained she said.

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