Sunday, 16 October 2011

Apocalypse will not be

Comet Jelenina, with which the apologists of the recent end of the world coming apocalypse tied, fell apart. Fateful role played by the comet near the Sun. This is stated Russian scientist Leonid Jelena who has found a comet.

16th October Jelenina comet was supposed to be closer to Earth at a minimum distance of - 0.23 astronomical units (34.9 million kilometers). This circumstance was born apocalyptic fever. Ostensibly the 2012th year because it will happen on our planet a global catastrophe. The Argentine astronomer Tuscany Sergio threatened arrival of the alien world, believing that the comet is actually spacecraft stranger, not a celestial body. Such ideas Leonid Jelena who discovered the comet, the 2010th called nonsense and I am glad he is that all this noise anti science finally ended.

It is clear now that this is not cosmic ship. Even many people who were entertained ufology ideas, they realized that the comet broke up and that scientists were wrong. She did not bring any disaster. Poles of the Earth have not changed, it fell to Earth. On it are not aliens flew.

Something similar, says Leonid Jelena, but it happened the 1997th when the world is expecting the arrival of cosmic ships that fly behind the comet Hale-bop. But the celestial body has successfully passed over the earth without any consequences for humanity. Although, according to scientists, when the comet was discovered that collided with Earth, a disaster would be inevitable. But the orbits of comets Jelenina was well known to astronomers, and everyone knew that she would pass on distance of nearly 35 million miles from our planet, which is 90 times the distance between the Earth and Moon. After passing point of the orbit closest to the Sun, the comet did not appear in the images of cosmic solar observatory SONO. A still earlier astronomy enthusiasts from Australia fix the sudden drop in its brightness. These events have led experts to speak about her death. Obviously a fateful role played by a guest of heaven is near the Sun, explained to Voice of Russia Leonid Jelena.
Each comet entering the country within the orbit, the comet before the "new dynamic" for the first time approaches the Sun, usually falls apart. It directly depends on its size, according to scientists, is determined by its composition. In particular it can be quite fragile body, a conglomerate of large icicles that when fluctuations in the sun and solar wind activity broken down into parts. I think it happened with the comet S/2010 H1.
Although comets are considered harbingers of historical cataclysms, Leonid says Jelena, we do not live in the 17th or 18 century, but in 21, therefore he must part with the medieval understanding of comets and realize that they do not carry any predictions.

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