Friday, 21 October 2011

Manage with your fingers got a new dimension

Just as we got used to the phone and tablet computer controlled using a finger, the researchers of the University of Carnegie Mellon University will lead us to the next level.

They showed this week, a technology called TapSense to better use our fingers and allows better management of devices with touch screen.

They, in fact, no matter which part are the finger touched the screen, because they believe that touching the nail (nail) may signal one thing, a touch of cheek bone (fall), Article (knuckle) or with your fingertip (tip), something else entirely.

The technology developed involves the use of microphones nestle the screen, which allows them to accurately discern whether we have touched the tip of a finger, fingernail, or cheekbones Ĩuknuli article. The system of proving the correctness of his concept for the time being is able to distinguish these four types of contact with an accuracy of 95%.

One of the goals of the team that developed Tapsens is to eliminate the need for buttons and other conventions that take up space to perform some action on the device and thus better use of sometimes limited screen size.

"Tapsens basically doubles the bandwidth of the touch screen," says Chris Harrison, a doctoral candidate at the Institute for the interaction of people and computers (Human-Computer Interaction Institute, HCII) at Carnegie Mellon. "This is especially important for small screens. If we remove buttons from the screen, we get more space for content or we can increase the other buttons. "

The same technology can be used to distinguish a number of different tools such as pencils, which can then be used to screen all the writes and draws a variety of colors.

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