Thursday, 6 October 2011

GLONAS signals received worldwide

On Monday at the Baikonur Plesetsk deputy head "Roskosmos" said Anatoly Silovo GLONAS that the system is the first time in 15 years in full force - 24 satellites. When the night on Monday 24th release in the machine cosmic coffee in all international organizations, Russia will be on the same level as the United States, which already have a system Zhi-Pi-Es said Silovo. The group of 24 devices that will enable GLONASS signals are received without restriction throughout the world, said a representative of Roskosmos.

GLONAS is a unique system of global
positioning equipment. It has increased tenfold the accuracy of determining the coordinates - all the way to a millimeter. This breakthrough will enable Russia to expand opportunities in the production of sophisticated techniques, and seriously increase the security of strategically important facilities.

This invention was made not in the major scientific institutions of the capital, but in the Siberian city of Omsk, in the laboratory of innovative small companies. The new device accurately determines the coordinates to the centimeter, and with the additional data processing - up to a millimeter.

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