Saturday, 15 October 2011

"Nisan" introduced a new technology to prevent collisions

Japanese "Nisan" is presented, within the concept of "security shield", several advanced technologies that the company claims it can prevent an accident, even if the driver presses the gas pedal wrong before parking or when there is a chain collision on the highway.

"Nissan," says that the new sensor is able to detect the line at a parking area, a special safety device that allows control slow movement of vehicles or to automatically stop before hitting something in the parking lot, even if the driver confused the accelerator with brake.

Experts point out that company drivers are often misused pedals which is why a year in Japan about 7,000 incidents happen, and most crash occurs during parking. "Nissan," said the new system to help reduce that number.

Another Japanese car manufacturer has also developed a technology that is able to detect the sudden deceleration of two vehicles in front as they move through the streets, including highways and it warns the driver, which helps prevent chain collision.

"Nissan" is planned that the new warning system installed in vehicles for one or two years, said on Wednesday at the presentation of new security technologies in Tokyo.

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