Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Created a pill that erases ugly memories

British scientists have created a pill that could help anyone who wants to get rid of memories of traumatic events, media reported today.
To make the pill, scientists had to discover how the human brain deals with stress. The survey was conducted on mice whose brains were genetically engineered protein prevented the creation of second lipokalin It turned out that these mice have a stronger reaction to stress than mice in which the amount of this protein to normal levels. However, scientists say more research is needed to confirm that raising lipokalin 2 really helps in dealing with bad memories.

"Stress-related disorders are very common and nearly one third of the population suffers," said Dr. Robert dash, who participated in this study. "We want to investigate whether this finding can be applied to humans and whether it really can be used to help with anxiety disorders and depression," he added.

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