Thursday, 16 May 2013

Discovered an invisible rivers in the atmosphere

Atmospheric rivers are large continuous currents of moist air, meandering thousands of miles through the sky. They were discovered only recently, and in terms of rainfall they supply are as dangerous and hurricanes.

The first signs of the existence of the celestial river discovered Yong Zhu and Reginald Njel from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who in 1998. in climate models found that almost all of the money that travels between the tropics and high latitude collects in the narrow, thick flows. This was in contrast with the current view of the distribution of water in the form of clouds from the sprayer.

This model was later confirmed by satellite imagery.

What causes a celestial river?

Scientists still do not know what stimulates the formation of these streams in the atmosphere. For climatologists they are simply unpredictable phenomena.

If the program insert a few key data about the atmosphere, such as conservation of matter and time, the distribution of solar radiation, the Earth's rotation and thermal properties of water, the celestial river will occur.

In the northern hemisphere, they usually occur as a cyclonic field - systems of low pressure, rotating counter-clockwise to bring warm and humid air from the south and southwest to the coast. If the winds at a height of about a kilometer particularly strong, large amounts of air full of water can move a long distance in a short time. If the current hits the coastal mountains vapor is condensed and formed abundant precipitation.

At any time on satellite images of the Earth can be seen five or six of these rivers. Many of them spent over the oceans, and carry with them the average moisture content as 15 Mississippi or an Amazon, however, major problems occur when atmospheric conditions stop in one place.

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  1. Perhaps the growth and stability of these air rivers can be attributed to the unusual cosmic radiation emanating from the solar equator at this time of delayed solar magnetic reversal.
    How long this unpredicted bath of cosmic radiation will continue is unknown. Last solar cycle the delay was several months; but with the revision of the expected solar reversal date, several months has already past and may run into years.
    If our star is a cloaked magnetar, which I propose it is, a change of cycle within the life span of human is expected as a magnetar unwinds quickly.