Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How NASA plans to catch an asteroid

After an unusual plan presented by NASA received the approval of President Barack Obama's America, the agency issued a complete animation of this project. See how they are going to catch a small asteroid and dragged him to the next orbit of the moon.

The project would start catching small asteroid from which the astronauts in the future should embark on missions to Mars. NASA expects that the first astronauts could visit the asteroid but 2021st year.

Obama has approved a budget of 17.7 billion dollars in 2014. year, and this project is intended that budget.

More 2010th The Obama has proposed to the International Space Station NASA launch and mission of sending a man to the asteroid 2025. year.

NASA has since worked on developing a missile capable of raising large cargo into space, and the capsule that could take astronauts to the much longer journey.

The space agency first to catch an asteroid with a diameter 7 to 10 meters, which would then dragged to the ground to put it into a stable orbit around the moon.

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