Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mammoths are comming back

Japanese scientists plan to 2017. year to revive mammoths. Already geneticists all over the world working on the cloning of animals that have become extinct before the tens of thousands of years. Some experts claim that the Earth will soon look like a Hollywood movie "Jurassic Park," while others refer to reality is not confused with advertising campaigns.
The idea of ​​cloning extinct animals, but some tens of years excites minds on the margins of science and ordinary people. Today, the interrupt serious and even jokingly talks about reviving prehistoric Squamata, dinosaurs - far too long bone were in their country, so they only save the traces on the stones.
Another thing mammoths. The history of these animals began at about the same time as the history of the human race, but it was too short. Unlike the dinosaurs whose remains likely to be present in the hot rocky desert landscapes, mammoths found frozen in layers of soil (permafrost) in the arctic regions of Siberia and in North America. Over thousands of years in ice, as in the refrigerator to preserve the animal's body, preserved the soft tissue, bone, and skin often. It begins with the "miracle" of cloning a mammoth, about which scientists, despite the enormous skepticism, - for the first time seriously discussed. The only thing they need most fragments of tissues extinct, with well-preserved DNA. The realization of this project is very real, but it does not lead to anything good, is the conviction biologist Alexander Chubenko, science journalist, editor of the website "Eternal Youth".
- Not known arrangement of genes in the chromosomes, I'm not sure whether it is about the number of chromosomes as they are so frozen tissue remaining some "leftovers" and "odds and ends" of the DNA. Secondly, it is doubtful that the uterus to accept an embryo mammoth elephant, even if it is obtained. Far more interesting than these projects, cloning, and is far more promising idea Jack Horner of the University of Montana. He intends to make to the "dino-chicken" or "coco-saurus." Take chicken, activate the "sleeping" genes, which are not functioning, and the egg, perhaps in several stages, to get something like a dinosaur.
According to experts, this scientific experiment will cost about two million dollars, while the value of cloning a mammoth - billions of dollars. Considerably lower rates to "resurrect" pet owners offered a sad American businessmen. Cloning and beloved
puppy or kitten  cost of 250 thousand U.S. dollars. But one thing is - pet, and quite another - the mammoth, that simply will not survive in the present conditions is considered by many scholars, simply because the climate on Earth is quite different, but rather a 400 thousand years.
While some scientists are trying to cloning mammoth - Scientists from Australia's University of New South Wales already created genome rare frogs. This species has completely disappeared on the continent early 80s of the last century. True derived embryos did not survive, as it was with the cloning 2009th The Pyrenean mountain goat, who lived a few minutes from the moment of birth. Scientists, however, do not lose hope and the hope of a breakthrough in cloning extinct species. What can be the consequences, and if we get to the end of some monstrous creature - their thoughts on how is the doctor of biological sciences, professor, deputy director of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of viral and cellular molecular genetics IMG Sciences Vyacheslav Tarantula.
- Conduct a discussion, for example, even in the case of such a project as cloning Neanderthals. This is not a man, it is a minor species. This situation is quite controversial as human cloning, because it is not known what will be there to give birth and how to deal with this creature: as an animal or to man. In general, there are technical and moral issues, and of course economically.
Additionally Today there is another problem, which can not overlook. In Yakutia - the permafrost zone, lies a vast amount of forgotten forms of life, and began to "war" in the ruins, the remains of the missing animals. Because apart from national research teams, we are present, "the mammoth hunters" who just leads to fighting. The point is that in 1990. in world trade is prohibited elephants tusks so the tusks of a mammoth, that make up the most diverse things - from chess pieces to ornaments, to get the price. The price of one pair of tusks on the black market may be about 75 thousand euros. It is known that a necklace made from this material have even first lady Michelle Obama.
But until someone deals with the cloning of rare species of animals, and some of that money, our planet is still a far more significant problem. The biological diversity of the earth every day all the poorer. So that in the near future the world may think of cloning as yet live tigers, leopards and rhinos.

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