Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chelyabinsk meteor threatens with new disaster

Meteorite that fell more than two months in the South Urals in Chelyabinsk may deprive local residents of water. If you raise a meteor weighing half a ton of lake Čebarkulj can happen local disaster. The point is that the lake is the only source of drinking water for the residents of the eponymous city. Now local authorities and scientists are looking for ways to do it and when it does not damage the town water supply.
The bottom of the site of the celestial body is covered with a thick layer of mud and it got stuck in a meteor. A technique sucks soil can help. Muddy water means to leave the city without drinking water.
Experts have suggested two possible technological operations. The part of the meteor can be drilled openings in them can be placed hooks and carefully raise the meteor ropes.
A scientist from the Czech Republic offered uralcima unique technology meteor underwater fishing. Ginter Kletečka, Czech geophysicist, biologist and astrobiologist imagined a radical and safe manner. The scientist was 14 years in the U.S. cosmic agency NASA, participated in the launch of the Mars vehicle. Now he is offered a way to escape the meteor. Therefore, it is considered Kletečka should freeze intruder, namely mud around the target. It is not difficult now because the temperature at the bottom of the lake plus all three levels, says geophysicist:
- The principle is as follows. Over the target is 10 feet of water. In addition, three meters of mud in which virtually collapsed, when it fell to the bottom. First of all, over the target to remove a layer of mud to put on meteor sensor.
The sensor is needed to accurately budget weight and size of the cosmic intruder. Further towards the meteor down pipes, they ensure supply of liquid nitrogen. The space around freezing and forming something like a brick with mud. It can be pulled out without damage to the city water supply, said Kletečka:
- At the bottom can be psotavi inflatable boat. For it can be placed meteor. It remains to pump up the air in order to raise the boat to the surface of the meteorite.
So you will not have to dig mud and dispersed throughout the lake, staining the whole system of water uptake. Czech scientist is sure that a meteorite could bring the body to the Earth from space. There will probably be played in the city water!
Russian scientists have now pinpointed where it is now a meteor. With magnetometry help create the magnetic map of the lake and found the anomaly 50 meters from izlovanja that is left after the fall of the alien intruder. Working on meteors should start the next day.

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