Friday, 10 May 2013

Is there another Higgs boson?

Once you have discovered the existence of a Higgs boson, scientists are now pondering whether the new found particles confirm their expectations or in space, he's been hiding some Higgs boson.

So far, the data suggest that the Higgs boson particle, which should explain how other particles get their mass, and there are no big surprises, according to a physicist meeting American Association of Physics.

However, this does not mean that scientists do not expect nock new excitement or even the existence of another Higgs boson.

"There are a number of theoretical models that predict more complex Higgs field," said Markus Klute, fizičas with Intstituta of Technology in Massachusetts.

Some of the existing theories predict the existence of the Higgs boson to 5 different masses.

Physicists in March confirmed that the new particle discovered in most Hadron Collider actually the Higgs boson. This particle, which is 126 times heavier than the proton, so far fits into the Standard Model of physics, which is the dominant theory when it comes to particle physics.

Physicists hope that after re-ignition Collider 2015th year will have much more power to detect a Higgs boson harder variations, and there is a chance that some of them are hiding in the existing results of which are still being processed.

Scientists in December 2012. The observed results indicated the existence of another Higgs boson mass differently, but the data did not show up during testing at other laboratories.

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