Monday, 6 May 2013

The combination of energy and information transfer: a large economic impact

Russian scientist has managed to combine power transmission and exchange of data. For the first time in the world this line is made in the Russian science city Dubna. It was based on standard optical fiber placed between the poles. The project implemented a little enterprise and innovation-Dubna University - Maison company.
Russian experts have taken to the technology of the famous engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla. In 19th century, he proposed a transfer of active power using
resonant properties single-conductor lines made of metal wire. About this basically says the leading technology innovator engineer with Maison Alexander Antonov.
- Information goes through the glass, through the lens, and energy go a metal sheath cable. Cable construction is such that it goes ten glass optical fibers. They are wrapped in a tube around the metal bar that goes as to protect the cable. And then going polyethylene membrane. So you go information glass pipes, in optics, electricity and a metal layer. Since it uses the resonance method, the active branches in the chain does not run along the power cord is
expand wave voltage and losses are very small. So, there it convenient to carry long distances, that's an advantage.
By wrapping fiber optic cable can be supplied some equipment for telephone or cell phone number. It gives a good saving copper, since the optical cable transmits electricity glass paneling. The combination of transmission and information provides a synergistic effect, highlights the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dubna coordinate project that Yuri Krjukov.
- All our homes there are also several cable systems. That is the power supply network, data network Internet, telephony, television, alarm system. Gradually all information systems are connected to a network - a network data transfer. Electricity networks are separate, there is no technology that would allow to integrate into one system. Construction of two separate systems requires twice the cost. Further network data and power transmission networks serviced by the two companies at the same time. If you connect it to a system, it is cheaper.
In addition, optical VLKN may be transferred power supply where it is not convenient to place the two cables to a remote device, said an expert. For example, when a remote village should be placed video cameras, it should take you to a network of transmitting data and power supply. It is not appropriate and it is expensive. And so a single cable to transmit both.
In Dubna already working two polygons where tries intellectual network delivery of electric power and data - in the territory of a university campus on the banks of the Volga. There consume energy street lights, video cameras, wireless access points Wai-Fai included its own fiber-optic monitoring for servers and ensure the power of the digital substation. Experts believe that the technology of Russian inventors has great prospects.

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