Friday, 10 June 2011

Large galaxies survive by eating smaller galaxies

Scientists have discovered that one of the ways in which large galaxies survive swallowing its smaller neighbor.

"We believed that elliptical galaxies are completed with the production of stars billions of years ago, but now we find evidence that many stars in these galaxies are still being born, and they feed off swallowing smaller galaxies, " confirmed Mark Crockett is a scientist at the University of Oxford "Daily Mail".

Astronomers who have studied the older NGC 4150 elliptical galaxy have come to realize that it continues to produce stars, despite having more than one billion years.

Observations NASA telescope "Hubble" have revealed that NGC 4150 and further reproductive and young galaxies, and it succeeds just swallowing the smaller, neighboring galaxies or due, as scientists like to say, cannibalism.

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