Thursday, 30 June 2011

Newly discovered Amazon tribe

In the forests of the Amazon in Brazil found the indigenous tribe of about 200 people who have never had contact with the outside world.

The pictures made ​​from the air to see four larger villages with huts and crops of corn and bananas.

Tribe lives in the Weld Valley, which lies near the border with Peru, Amorim said the Brazilian Fabricio National Foundation for the protection of indigenous "FUNAI".

"Plant and cottages are more recent, not older than one year. This is indicated by the state of straw used in the construction of huts. Except a corn and bananas and other plants, some of which are similar to peanuts," said Amorim.

The tribe is discovered after the satellite images spotted cleared forest areas, which indicated the possibility of some sort of human settlement.

Brazilian authorities defend the inhabitants of contact with members of isolated tribes, as they are not infected with diseases to which indigenous people have not developed immunity.

Probably belongs to the newly discovered tribe panoansk linguistic community, or indigenous peoples who live in the west of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia who speak a language of panoansk.

FUNAI has not yet made ​​contact with the tribe, but from the organization stated that the Weld Valley place with "the highest concentration of isolated groups in the Amazon and the world."

It is believed to live in the valley about 2,000 natives.

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