Monday, 13 June 2011

U.S. createing machine to predict crime

The program aims to discover the perpetrators of possible terrorist attacks on the physiological parameters that are measurable from a distance.

What was the only theme of the film "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg, is now becoming a reality, because it is already working on a machine that will be able to predict crime. United States developed a program called "technology to monitor potential crime" (FAST), which will be possible to detect 70 percent of pre-planned crimes. FAST project concept is based on the theory of "bad faith" and he has emerged since the terrorist attacks on the United States in September 2001. year.

The program is intended primarily to discover the perpetrators of possible terrorist attacks on the physiological parameters that are measurable from a distance, and that the person under surveillance is not aware of that, a more efficient method of all past-detecting lies, according to promoters of this project .

At the same time, the program aims to develop technology that based on heart rate, breathing mode, temperature, facial movements or changing the pitch of the person who passes through the checkpoint could detect the perpetrators of the planned crime.

If such a person is discovered, it will be a matter of urgency be separated from the crowd and sent for further interrogation.

This program has been criticized many experts, because it is considered that it is not based on scientifically proven methods and that a large number of people who are exposed to stress, for example, due to the rush of air or a missed flight can be detected as potential terrorists and taken to Guantanamo for crimes they did not commit.

FAST also really like the design from the movie "Minority Report" by Steven Spielberg in which three mutants have the ability to predict crimes before they commit.

This science-fiction film from 2002. The same name was created by a visionary story of Philip Dick Key, after which it was possible to predict the crime due to the power of three seers, which are crimes "occur" before they happen, and can reproduce them visually. According to the story and visualization Steven Spielberg, in the future, the 2054th year formed a special police unit "Beforecrime" whose members are viewing predicted a crime, identify offenders and victims, crime scenes and try to prevent it before it happens.


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