Sunday, 12 June 2011

Growing cucumbers in the universe

Long accused of being a major source of infection mutated bacteria E. coli, which claimed several lives in Germany, the cucumber with a new team of astronauts who flew in yesterday from the Baikonur toward the International Space Station could regain sway "reputation ".

As reported by London's Guardian, Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, who along with a Russian Sergei Volkov and Americans Michael Fosum flew in a six-month mission in space, was given the task to the MSS grown cucumbers to help future visitors to produce their own food.

Experiment "cucumber" will also be aimed to show how gravity affects the cultivation of vegetables.

However, the astronauts will be forbidden to eat cucumbers planted.

"We would like to eat them, but this was not allowed, " said Japanese astronaut.

He also thinks that the tomato plant and to later be able to make real mixed salad.

By all accounts, the Japanese have a talent for "cooking space.

Last year, astronaut Šoići Nogući on MSS made ​​traditional Japanese dish sushi.

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