Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In the United States from June obligatory "black boxes" in cars

All drivers in the U.S. will in June in their cars have to have a black box.

National Administration for the safety of traffic on highways shall order, as reported Radio Free Europe, that all cars must be equipped with a black box, like the one shown on airplanes.

Its task is to monitor the habits of drivers and provide all necessary information about the period just before the accident.

The recording will be able to review the police, insurance companies and car manufacturers. Car owner will not in any way to close the black box.

Critics of this law argue that it is a privacy threat, while others believe that this method of monitoring the driver. Insurance companies will also be easier to settle claims and will have a better insight into the circumstances of the accident.

Many cars already have black boxes, and the company "General Motors (GM) are in the majority of its cars built since 1990. year.

Systems in new cars can follow the turning of the wheel, and that includes systems that warn of the Lane which the car is moving.

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