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The death of stars at the edge of the universe

News was submitted to Earth after 13 million and 14 million years ago, the unthinkable too late to send an ambulance, which would not have never arrived at their destination.

For the death of the farthest stars we found out so late that it is not comparable with anything we know. West was submitted to Earth after 13 million and 14 million years ago, the unthinkable too late to send an ambulance, which would not have never arrived at their destination.

And the first wise man proudly walked our planet 500,000 years ago, quite mastered making the simplest of weapons and tools. And how long has arrived?

Even to his latest invention, artificial eyes out of their own planet, a peek into the past cosmic death that occurred 520 million years after the foundation ("Big Bang"). On the edge of the visible universe.

Surprising and captivating.

It turns out that we are witnessing events common in ancient eons in the very early universe, as if we had wonderful time machine back ten or more billion years old. Astronomers at the earliest bursting (explosion) stars gvirnuli the "heavenly watchtower" named "Swift", trained in just a few minutes to record distant gamma-ray glow that lasts only a few days. Outpouring of gamma-rays, otherwise, very uncontrollable, often associated with the collapse of a giant "air Kresnice.

tearing electrons

Was mentioned, according to Antonin Kuńćiara the University of California at Berkeley, probably 30 times the mass of the Sun outnumbered. Although there is insufficient evidence, it is assumed that the stellar third-generation, first planted by the universe after the release of the "dark ages ".

Other telescopes are trained to immediately measure the distance.

The subsequent destruction of the ancient luster of "cosmic lamps" taken two years ago, but had to be thoroughly studied before the event disclosure.

Similar bursts of intense gamma-ray caught the space telescope "Hubble" which, like the "Swift", dispatch to circle the Earth "cosmic backyard, " and observe it. Both are searching for the original stars, based on which, researchers hope, be able to present a how it changed and why now looks like this.

It is assumed that the first stars were hot, huge and blue, and to have originated from the cold neutral gas. Bright and monsters that are depleting its strong ultraviolet light literally burned the surrounding neutral gas, stripping electrons from atoms.

Only the cosmic event, otherwise, fits directly into a period astronomers call the "era zoning.

If not the most ancient, its glow will indicate astronomers in that part of the universe look the oldest galaxies that would corroborate what he looked like - as measured by human yardsticks - the first days after the walk.

Feynman and Anaxagoras

And three years ago, people around the world with the naked eye (and telescope) observing what happened when you did not exist, even the planet that live!

For more than half way to the end of the cosmos, the seven billion light years away, sparkled the paly shine after bursting of a massive star. Unknown "heavenly light bulb" is, after the worn out fuel, converted to a much smaller neutron star or, even, to a much more tiny "black hole". One or the other, although not reliably know what the outcome is a common consequence of the end of life is very big star.

The brightest flash after the "Big Bang" was observed in the very large constellation Butis (ancient shepherd or cowboy) in the northern celestial hemisphere, seven and a half billion light years away years ago, which are also known Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Arabs.

(A light-year is the distance light, traveling at about 300,000 miles per second, travel for a year, which is some 9,600 billion miles).

The most distant light that is perceived without magnification is the nearby galaxy M33, only the second 900,000 light years from Earth.

Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman famous once said: "Most special discovery of astronomy is that the star made of the same type of atoms such as those that make up the Earth."

Greek philosopher Anaxagoras first two and a half millennium assumed that the sun iron ball in the red-hot, not much larger than Greece. "

Spacecraft "Swift" sent out in 2004. year, and is a joint endeavor United States, Britain and Italy, where the first country has a predominant share.

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