Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Treacherous sun

Solar activity, which is expected next year could cause the Earth technogenic catastrophes. While for Russia in this regard years is unlikely to be extreme, consider the students.

In the Middle Ages, astronomers have paid attention to from time to time the number of spots on our star increases to the tens, then they completely disappear. 1843rd The German Heinrich Schwabe found that the periodic phenomenon, with the cycle lasts from 9 to 13.7 years - an average of 11 years. Now we know that during that time his star turns us opposite magnetic pole. With poles also rotate and large channels through which heated plasma in the cosmos pours. When the channel is directed towards Earth, our planet's magnetic storms occur, break the radio connection, changing the climate and the thickness of the ozone layer. Undoubtedly, the cycles affecting the human cardiovascular system, although the mechanism of action is unclear. Current lull, a period of solar minimum, when the star does not have any stains, lasted two and a half years, although it usually takes no more than a year.

How would solar plasma caused the earth technogenic disasters require one more condition - special position of magnetic poles of Earth. For Russia, it is advantageous for now, says the director of the Institute for Space Research RAN Lev Green.

If you look at geography of the electromagnetic field, the center of geophysical activity falls to Canada and the United States, less touching our northern regions. Time magnetic pole moves. End of the century cap geomagnetic unpleasant consequences will cover our Siberia. And for 50-70 years such strong solar eruption will pose a threat to Russia. The more will be by then in the north of Russia, in Zapolarju appear serious infrastructure.

Magnetic storm is harmful to humans. Requires a warning system that is focused on land dense plasma. It is good to be between the Sun and Earth cosmic play device that would react to them, and arrived to warn Earth, because plasma is moving slower than radio signals. But such a specialized monitoring so far no country takes. Its functions taken over satellites for other purposes. In the words of Leo Green, will soon join the Russian scientific stations.

This summer it launched a major project to study the quasar radio astronomer and the origin of the universe. In order to reduce the influence of the earth, it flies in a very elongated orbit - 350 thousand miles from Earth - and often will pass between Earth and Sun. He will be able, although with interruptions, to monitor the space between them. If the explosion took place in the sun, is not dangerous itself, it is dangerous to ejection of plasma into space. And it is not as such eruptions - 90% of them passing the Earth and does not hit into it. Device for two hours before the eruption arrives on Earth will notice and give the signal for alarm.

Satellite monitoring of explosions on the sun would be very convenient to launch in the Lagrange point no. 1, which is the direct line between Earth and Sun. The forces of gravity of both the heavenly bodies there are equalizing and satellite smoothly varied around this point, without leaving her environment and not wasting fuel. The trouble is the second: Lagrange no. A far from Earth, because the earth after the alarm had a little time. So scientists have, over which the brain.

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