Saturday, 25 June 2011

Internet eats TV

According to new research, gives the importance of Internet television. Young Americans are more informed via the Internet, especially for video platform. Broadcasters fear of reducing the income from advertising.

The latest report of the company for Media Research and Nielsen polls can certainly cause a stir among television stations. American audiences, especially younger, more inclined internet, while television left on the fringe. This activity is especially present among men aged between 18 and 34 years.

Viewership of television in American households has declined by 0.2 percent, while the same percentage increased popularity of video on the Internet platforms, such as youtub. This continues the perennial tendency of strengthening of the Internet in relation to "traditional" media. However, according to Nielsen, 91 percent of American households still pay television subscription - that percentage is rising.

Alarm for Television Corporation

Director of the American production company Media Storm, Brian Storm, 2010. year stated that "if you is not on youtub it and that does not exist". Although his company occasionally produces content for television, the main focus of its activities is in fact available.

The need to provide a presence on the network are realized and television corporation, that its facilities are also on Internet platforms. However, their goal was certainly not a replacement for the sake of television program viewing online, but rather a reference to what may follow on their small screens. Nada television stations is to reach out to new audiences, to focus on "the good old tradition," but at the same time maintaining advertising revenue.

Although Nielsen is the company point to the fact that it is future generations of consumers of news and entertainment programs jump from TV to computer, principal investigator of the media conglomerate Time Warner, Jack Vakslag not worried. "The fall of the television viewing audience of hardened internet content, they are small and we do not consider that it is destructive for us," he says, adding that Vakslag video installation on multiple platforms is the correct procedure to be held corporation.

"We do not see how the material create, but how well is it that we record," says Brian Storm from the production company Media Storm. Many television stations already use so-called live streaming through which Internet users can through their computers to watch programs.

However, the popularity of internet sites such as Vimeo, YouTub and indicate a new trend. Viewers do not want to be served, and regulate the program, but want to have to power to the users themselves to determine what they watch. Slowly creating consumer autonomy, which is choosy and I will not choose the program or support to watch. Besides the content, and they determine when to watch what they are interested.

Television stations are adjusted to the new trend, and put your content on their websites. However, it is still up to them to determine their priorities for future audiences, that is, what form it will deliver content to consumers. The only remaining question advertising, and how the sponsors will be able to position themselves in the new era, and that the function of advertising does not diminish.

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