Thursday, 7 July 2011

The new plane for two hours from New York to Paris

It's been eight years since the aircraft Concorde was withdrawn from use, and with it ended the dreams of a supersonic airplane million passengers worldwide. But the British have a new solution.

Supersonic travel have become topical again after company officials said they will HiperMah their plane Sonikstar be twice faster than the Concorde, and that the flight between Paris and New York last less than two hours.

The trip from New York to Sydney will be reduced by 75 percent, from 20 to just five hours. The British company HiperMah revealed his plans for the plane will be able to carry 20 passengers at the Paris air show last week.

The aircraft will seamlessly be able to fly Mach 3.1 speed. This speed will allow the S-MAGJET hybrid engines. Maximum speed will reach Mach 3.6.

"People have always wanted to do things better and faster. It is our ambition," said Richard Lag, CEO HiperMah.

The company plans to make the engine by the end of the decade, and the completion of the entire aircraft is expected by 2025. year.

With relatively low power, the plane Sonikstar "beyond economic and environmental challenges of supersonic flight and brings a revolution in air travel." Using the electromagnetic current can meet the rules on noise generated during supersonic travel.

Plane has a range of 6,000 nautical miles, and its two S-MAGJET engines allow it to fly at an altitude of 19,000 meters. Reducing emissions of jet engines will only confirm the success of airplane SonikStar.

Company officials say it will be an increase of converting fuel into thrust for 40 to 50 percent, and that will be reduced and fuel consumption by 30 to 35 percent in supesonic speed, write-known agencies.

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