Friday, 15 July 2011

The air against tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is probably the oldest human disease, the same age sapiens homo. At the beginning of antibiotic era of hope emerged that the disease will disappear any time in the face of Earth. Unfortunately, doctors are overestimated and underestimated the possibility of drug threw the vitality of Koha, tuberculous bacilli. Now in the world are diagnosed each year 10 million people, 2 million die. Recently in Russia, made ​​principally new way of prevention of tuberculosis. It focuses on preventing disease in large, even huge group of people who are indoors. Our correspondent Boris Gerštejn visited Biotechnology Fund and spoke with the author of the project, Deputy Director General of the Fund for Science, doctor of biological sciences Svetlana Čubatovom.

The air gives us life, it also brings illness, so even 2500 years ago Hippocrates said. This fully applies to tuberculosis. In 95% of cases, infection occurs through the respiratory tract. Today, tuberculosis is largely affects the inhabitants of cities. From a sick man who removes phlegm from the lungs with tuberculous bacilli, says Svetlna Čubatova.

Individual prevention of tuberculosis vaccines is currently insufficient. Additional methods are needed to help people in great masses of globalization to maintain health. It's no secret that tuberculosis can be diagnosed by everyone regardless of age and status. We suggested the manner of airborne prevention. Over ventilation systems or ordinary mechanical atomization. We dispersed special resources based on natural bactericidal substances: ethereal oils, resinous substances and other fitoekstrat. These are pine, eucalyptus. These substances have shown great efficiency experiments in the cells of the immune system in the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis infection. The activity of immune cells is increased twice. He performs "oxidation boom" - the production of active forms of oxygen in cells, enhances the bactericidal activity of cells. We checked effect new products on a large mass of laboratory animals. The animals also suffer. It was found that increasing the resistance of animals suffering from tuberculosis. Survival is reported 80%. We're now starting to experiment in some hospitals of Moscow and the Moscow area.

The airborne preventive purposes is also used for the first time, says Svetlana Čubatova. It preventive air-droplet infections on the most justifiable as to achieve the objective of current special mixture of active components.

Aerosol chamber is very compact, small size lady's jewelry boxes. Indoor is a small pump and capsules for levoditu mixture. Chamber can be used as a standalone device. A can fit into the ventilation system. Of course, the composition of the mixture does not cause allergy. The method is completely safe and can be used independently of age and health of people.

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