Monday, 4 July 2011

Banish chips

What is dangerous for the line: candy or chips? The researchers followed 120 thousand people 20 years trying to determine what the most fattening. Ranking brings some surprises, though the fact that the most fattening chips is not among them.

It does not sound dramatic - the participants in three major U.S. research goji were on average 380 grams per year. But after two decades were, again, on average, weighs 7.6 pounds. Based on data on 98,320 food and 22,557 men, women, researchers from Harvard Medical School have determined which foods contribute most to obesity. As reported in "New England Journal of Medicine" were combined data from three large studies - the two nurses were involved from the United States, and third men employed in health care. All participants had normal weight at baseline.

Obesity, by the way, is increasingly a worldwide problem and the latest information about a billion and half people in the world is overweight, half a million of them obese because their BMI (Body-Mass-Index) above the 30th.

Potato is fatty

Participants in the survey every four years they gave information about weight, then what they eat, whether in sport, whether you smoke and how much time they spend watching television. On this basis, the researchers sought to determine the extent to which changes in diet and lifestyle affect weight. And saw the daily meals and which foods are in the four years the respondents ate more and which less.

The so-called snack, what you eat between meals along the way and proved to be - as expected - as a disaster for the line. Each serving of potato chips (30 grams) means in four years an additional 770 grams. Portion of potatoes "made​​" 580 grams, but it does matter how prepared the potatoes. In fact, french fries means extra kilo and a half, boiled potato 260 grams only. Those who drink sweetened beverages, various schools, can count on an additional 450 grams of red meat and sausages made ​​about 430 grams. The surprise is the marketing of candy - candy made ​​daily serving of just 180 grams.

Who is opposed to such a diet during the four years of eating mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, almonds, Hazel, nuts or yogurt, took off the weight. Hundred grams (four years) per serving of vegetables, 220 fruits, whole grains 170, 370 yogurts.

Of course, calories are everywhere

So, with chips to eat almonds and so remove programs? Of course, this combination does not work. Respondents were decreased weight, or maintain the same level, if they are mostly eating more vegetables, fruit or yogurt, and this is explained by the fact that in this case, denied that other foods more fattening.

Nutrition much more influence on the weight of other habits, although according to calculations of scientists at every hour of television after four years means 140 grams more. The researchers stress that the surplus of only fifty to a hundred calories a day can mean "silent" weight gain. In order to prevent recommended to give up certain foods such as chips and sweetened drinks, and the more you take in another, as, for example, vegetables.

This is consistent with many other recommendations about diet. Thus, the German Association for the recommended daily consumption of five servings of vegetables or fruit which is based on the highly praised Mediterranean diet.

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