Monday, 18 July 2011

Made 3D ​​printer for chocolate

In the future we will not eat "regular" chocolate, it will form its own design on your computer and order online. Scientists at Brunel University Ekster and in cooperation with the software company Delka, have developed a 3D printer for chocolate.

Scientists say that we will not eat "regular" chocolate that we buy in stores, but we will design its own form on the computer and order through specialized websites.

At universities and Brunel Ekster scientists, in collaboration with the software company Delka developed 3D printer for chocolate. They say we only make the design of chocolate on your computer through a special program, and the rest will make a device that will print the ie. 'physical play in three-dimensional form as chocolate.

3D printing is currently used in industry to produce plastic and metal products, with three-dimensional objects created arranging successive layers of material and application method that has been used in industry to the production of chocolate was not at all an easy task.

According to lead researcher Dr. Liang Hao, chocolate is a very "difficult" material for the production of which requires very precise cycles of warming and cooling, which is necessary to integrate 3D printing with an appropriate flow rate chocolate. The scientists have solved the problem of developing a new control structure heating and cooling.

What is interesting, and some would say revolutionary is that this type of technology in the future be applied to numerous other products and would eventually be able to replace the mass production of unique products that the customers own design.


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