Friday, 8 July 2011

Bionic glasses returning eyesight to the blind

Bionic glasses, which would soon be on sale will allow blind people to once again "see again", reports the agency world.

Researchers at Oxford University are developing "smart glasses" that use tiny cameras and pocket PCs, which are warning people who wear them on objects and people in front of them.

These glasses will make it easier for blind people navigate through the busy shopping centers and places such as public transport stops, and even enable them to "read" the numbers on the buses and ATMs.

If tests are successful, easy and cheap sunglasses to be found in the market for the 2014th , and the most benefit from this invention will have older people with macular degeneration is associated with aging.

Previous attempts to create one of these devices have resulted in a large, dark glasses with a really big bulky camera and computer.

However, advances in technology allowed for the creation bionic glasses that look almost indistinguishable from standard glasses, and best of all is that the price should be affordable to the majority.

Doctor Stephen Hicks, a clinical
neuroscientist completed basic research, and is working on a prototype glasses.

It provides transparent glasses with their heavy frames and a small LED cameras the size of pins in the outer corner of the box.

The cameras will receive information that your eyes should see and would be sent to a computer the size of mobile phones, which people carry in your pocket.

The computer will process information and to simplify them.

Add a headset in the ear may allow the transfer of complex information.

To those who have lost a large percentage of vision, this discovery will help to be independent enough to be alone to go shopping or riding public transportation.

The benefit of bionic glasses will have those who are able to distinguish light, so you will not be suitable for those who are totally blind.

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  1. I thought of this idea before i jumped on to the computer and ' googled ' it...
    seems like a good idea...