Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Russian rockets will transfer cargo to the Moon

Two major projects at once elaborate cosmic Russia. This is a new generation of ships and Soyuz principally November cosmic system with Russian carrier rocket-M. The starting ground for him to build in the Far East. From the perspective of possible piloted flights to the moon.

Decision on the establishment of new industrial and transport of the cosmic system was adopted in 2006. year. For 20 years Russia will be able to win not only the orbit, but the Moon and even Mars. Now Russian rocket engineers designed not only Polyfunctional ship next-generation heavy weight over 20 tons, but the light aircraft for flights to the ICC, said in an interview with Voice of Russia Deputy Head of Federal Agency of cosmic Alexander Lopatin.

Currently, the carrier conducted flight tests rocket Soyuz-2 with the key advantages of the improvements. In these rockets are used only Russian units and systems, as well as more powerful engines and a digital control system. To begin flight testing are prepared carrier rocket Soyuz-2 light class.

As for the heavy ships, for it will build a new rocket. Russia already has a large payload Zenite. Just they will serve as a prototype for the Rus-M missiles, said newspaper analyst Igor Lisov News cosmonautics.

A new missile since it is assumed that the new ship will be much heavier than the Soyuz. He will drive more people and more cargo will be comfortable. Need a new starting complex, for it will build a cosmodrome Vostochny.

Building on Eastern in Amurskoj area will begin this summer. It will be located near the Baikonur Svobodno, which launched the operation of the 2007th year. Place was not chosen by chance. Starting a new complex is located on the same latitude as the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which will allow you to seamlessly operate on the ICC from Russia, not from Kazakhstan, while the Russian Plisecka such flights are impossible. Therefore be provided independent access to all types of RF orgita, said deputy head of Federal Agency cosmic. It is possible to start with dalekoisto─Źnog Baikonur not only Rus-M, but the Angara. It is not irrelevant that the construction will give a positive impetus to the development of the entire region Dalekoisto─Źnog: there will appear a few companies to enter into and development of rockets, producing oxygen and nitrogen-hydrogen mixture. With such technological perspectives of Russia can build a lunar base cosmic and to withdraw from the ICC is convinced that Igor Lisov.

ICC will live until 2020. year. They will then have to sink, because it will expire.

The project of a new vessel to replace the legendary Union was established last year. The first unmanned probe are planned for 2015. year, piloted for the 2018th And in less than a month to the international community will be presented pilotiranog model space ship with Russian rocket-M on the 10th International avijaciono-cosmic salon MAKS-2011.

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