Saturday, 9 July 2011

God had a wife?

Francesca Stavrakopoulo, researchers at Oxford and atheist, which is by profession a theologian, argues that the Bible says the Lord God had a wife named Asher.

Asher, he says Stavrakopoulou, and Israel worshiped as a fertility goddess, and was sitting next to the Almighty.

Although she says that alone does not believe in God, Francesca underlines that his theory is based on ancient texts.

"I am an atheist with a great respect for religion. This is what I do as a part of history," said the world media.

She argues that the archaeological excavations, including texts and amulets, testify about how God had a partner, just as respected as him in the temple in Jerusalem.

According to biblical texts, are respected in Israel, many gods, El, Baal, Molek, Asher, and the Lord has had to cope with fierce competition.

"Asher was a powerful goddess, and what is perhaps the most significant of all is that it is also a god and his wife Elaine, who has much in common with Yahweh," says a scientist. Ašere relationship with God discerned in the writings of the eighth century BC.

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