Sunday, 24 July 2011

Atlantis found?

Geologists who have studied the seafloor for one oil company stumbled on an unusual sight. The landscape area of 10,000 square kilometers of which is estimated to be 56 million years old! Many bears an uncanny resemblance to the long-lost Atlantis.

Scientists have never seen something like that - in the deep ocean landscape 56 million years old!

The northern part of the Atlantic is hiding in the depths of our ancient landscape, which has drawn the river valleys and peaks of what were once mountains. Geologists, who until this discovery while collecting data for an oil company, said that the landscape of age about 56 million years, and many have immediately brought in connection with Antlantis.

"It seems the way the maps look like small places on the coast, and is located at a depth of two kilometers and occupies about 10,000 square kilometers, how we've managed to discover," said Niki White, who was the team of researchers.

Scientists are convinced that the landscape of the area where today Scotland and Norway, and has so far found that consisted of eight major rivers and rich flora and fauna. They are convinced and will find numerous fossils of various animal species that have lived then.

"The main question is how the 2.5 million this year managed to rise above the landscape of the country, and then fall into it. In geological terms, this is a very short period to do so, "revealed White, adding that in theory with the most fans as the reason for all states that magma is on the field in the interior.

The temperature of magma has created a huge fiery crest, which simply collapsed due to high heat.
It is this detail will be the main guiding principle because geologists have never encountered anything like it and expose the reasons for such phenomena could bring a lot of answers to questions about Earth's interior.

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