Monday, 23 May 2011

Amazon tribe does not know the concept of time

Amazon tribe Amondava in their own language has no linguistic structures that are related to time and space. Members of these groups simply do not know the abstract concept of time, according to a study Language and Cognition, reports the BBC.

Amondava understand that events happen in time, but in their language there is no special word for this concept, the researchers who intend to study languages ​​and other Amazonian tribes to see if they exhibit the same specificity.

Members of the tribe were Amondava first came into contact with the outside world 1986th year. Researchers at Britain's University of Portsmouth and the Brazilian Federal University of Rondônia began recently to analyze the concept of time in their own language.

"We do not say that it is the people 'no time' or 'out of time '. Amondava, like all other peoples, talk about events and some parts of the event,"said Chris Sinha, a professor of psychology of language at the University of Portsmouth.

"What we found is the time as a term independent of the events that took place, they have no concept of time as something in which events happen, " he explained.

Amondava have no word for "time", but for the time periods such as "moon" and "years".
They do not count years of age, but use different words for every phase of life and status within the community. Scientists suspect that the absence of the concept of time due the absence of "technologies of time" - the system calendar and clock, which again is connected with the fact that, as with many other tribes, their scoring system is limited. 


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