Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Canadian researchers have created a flexible phone from e-paper

Researchers from the Laboratory of Human Media (Human Media Lab) of the Canadian Queens University of Ontario (Queen \ 's University of Ontario ) made ​​the fully functional, flexible smart phone-based e-paper, also known as computer paper. Like their cousins ​​in the thick rigid packaging, papirfon can call and receive calls, play music and read an e-book. However, in contrast, adapts to the shape of the user's pocket or purse, and some actions can be made by it to bend in certain ways.
"This computer seems to leave an impression and works as a speck of interactive paper", says its creator, Roel Vertegal, director of the laboratories mentioned. "deflect it to work as a mobile phone, making him bunny ears to flip sides or writing on it in pencil."

The device has a thin flexible screen diagonal 9.5 cm (3.7 inches) made from e-paper company E-Ink, below which the flexible printed circuit with resistive sensors bending. These sensors allow the phone is programmed to recognize different types of bending, which then result in actions such as viewing menus, dialing, dialing songs or perform some other function. Built Vakomova (Wacom) panel allows the writing on the screen, making it even closer paper.

When not in use the paper phone does not waste electricity. Vertegalov team has made ​​a similar device, called Sneplet (Snaplet), which can be worn as a band on the forearm. Works like a clock when the convex curve (arm), it becomes a personal digital assistant when the plane, and can be used as a phone when he bent concave.

Technology is the result of collaboration between Queens University and the University of Arizona, was officially presented 10th May at the conference on interaction between people and computers (Computer-Human Interaction, CHI 2011) in Vancouver.

Vertegal says this is the future and that five to ten years, providing a similar look and feeling like their devices. (M.V.)


  1. You introduce with a nice gadget with this article. I amazed to see that the e-paper can be rolled . You made a a nice article .

  2. This video reminds me some sci-fi films! Future is at the next door. Great device is upcoming and I wanna see it in real life.
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