Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Lasers replace spark plugs on cars

Spark plugs in cars could soon taken lasers. A team of Japanese and Romanian scientists plan to a conference on lasers and electronic devices, introduce a special laser that can start internal combustion engines. This technology, the cars made much more economical, and greatly reduce air pollution, which occurs each time the engine ignition. Scientists on this project have already started negotiations with manufacturers auto spark plugs. Otherwise, the idea of replacing their dated long, because soon spent, and the metal of which they are made over time corrodes.

A team of scientists from Romania and Japan demonstrated a system that focuses on two or three laser beam engine in the cylinders at various depths and thus promote combustion. A few small lasers located in the cylinders, with no problem can withstand the high temperatures in the engine, a laser lasts as long as the car.

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