Monday, 9 May 2011

Russian fleet gets "flying saucers"

Russian experts of the Institute of Physics, "Lebedev" in Samarra said the sensational news that made ​​the so-called plasma coating for supersonic aircraft, which allows them to multiply to increase the speed of flight.

They are, furthermore, failed to clarify the mode of action of "shock waves in the middle of unbalanced" which is formed around aircraft wings. Physicists are convinced that, thanks to the management of such waves, manage to achieve unthinkable maneuver new aircraft, according to the site Radiomajak.
According to scientists Rinat Gauls, "managing these waves with the magnetic field is possible, control the plane, but it is necessary to form a plasma stream to the right place is necessary properties.

Russian scientists working out this is not the first aircraft, like "flying saucers". A year and a half in Ulyanovsk adopted five-year program to build aerostatic aircraft in which there is a location that is, except helium, full of warm and cold air (Atla).
Such a scheme makes it possible to effectively control the buoyancy force acting on the spacecraft, allowing its vertical takeoff and landing. This aircraft is due to their similar in shape to drive named "flying saucer".

Diameter of the aircraft will reach 250 meters, height about 100 meters and will cost about 2.7 billion rubles (96.9 million).

Atla is, according to scientists, virtually a new generation of airship.


  1. Since 1970, a french scientist Pr JP PETIT talk about the possibility of Supoersonic fly without shockwave.
    A lot of scientifc paper in congress was presented.
    You can find that on

    Now is it possible to use it as UFO propulsion system ?

    Yes :

    Reseach part :

  2. Cool info, I will definitely check it out.