Sunday, 1 May 2011

Supersonic car that reaches speeds of 1,600 miles per hour

Cars "bladhaund", on which construction is in Britain for three years, aims to be the fastest car in the world and to reach a record speed of 1,000 mph - or more than 1,600 kilometers per hour. This record speed "bladhaund" should be placed in the ride on a disused lake bottom in South Africa's Northern Cape province, end of 2012.

This car will run faster than the sound a jet engine mounted above the hybrid rocket motor, which is a combination that would provide 135,000 horsepower - exactly 180 formula1 force.

Engineers and experts in aeronautics company "Hempson indastriz" currently working on the construction of the last frame, where the jet and rocket engines placed, while making the front of the car are working engineers gathered in Advenst Komopozits Group.
Development "bladhaunda" simultaneously monitors and educational program in 4000 schools, which aims to inspire students to deal with the natural sciences, engineering, technology and mathematics.

The previous record for driving fast keeps Andy Green, who in 1997. in the vehicle "Trust SSC" achieved a speed of 760km / h, and it will be driver "bladhaunda" in South Africa during the test rides, which begin in January next year.

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